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By Andrew OxspringYear 6 teacher, writer and musician

When the slog of SATs has finally finished, discover a school leavers’ musical that will keep children motivated and engaged until the very end of term

Goodbye my friend

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  1. DJ Rappa
    on 22 May 2017


    I am doing this for my Year 6 play and the Silent Night? Not Quite one is the funniest xD Very funny

  2. Daisy
    on 10 June 2016


    Amazing play but this website is useless I am doing this play now in year 6 and we are really enjoying it

  3. mrs wear
    on 22 May 2016

    school play

    my year 6 class are doing this play for the end of year this year and they are really enjoying it so far

  4. nisha cook
    on 19 May 2015

    i am doing this for are play

    hi good for songs and not the best for scipt because it is not FREE:+

    3out of 5
  5. Megan
    on 18 July 2013


    When I was in year 6 we did it and we cried at the end such a funny play but so sad beings memories back :(

  6. khadijah
    on 10 July 2013


    im doing this in my school its really fun but hard to get hold of!!!

  7. Mandie
    on 7 July 2013

    Not free!!!

    I tried to download but keep being asked for my magazine subscription reference. So, Even though it is in the FREE section and includes free in the title. NOT free.

  8. manpreet
    on 25 May 2013

    school play

    my school is doing the play but i cant get hold of scene 4 help.......................

  9. Hannah
    on 18 July 2011

    my school did it

    my school did the play