Pop stars & dance divas – Reception

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By Martine Horvatha primary teacher and freelance writer.

Take the centre stage by transforming your home corner into a pop sensation!

dressing up

Through role-play, fantasy and ‘let’s pretend’ games, children can make sense of their world, build on their learning, work through issues and express their innermost thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations. Or, to put it another way, they allow kids to do what they do best – acting up!

Many of the children in your class will probably already be aware of popular television shows such as Pop Idol, Top of the Pops and Stars in their Eyes. Begin by getting them to talk about songs and music shows that they like (this could also include advertising jingles or nursery rhymes). Explain to them that you are going to turn the home corner into a performance area. Allow them to contribute their ideas and experiences to help shape the area as they would like it to be. This gives them a feeling of ownership of the area, lets them feel that their ideas are valued, and also ensures that the idea is more likely to be popular and stand the test of time.

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