Poetry on the loose
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By Michael Rosen – Children’s author and poet
Adapted from original article published 23rd June 2008

Children’s novelist, poet, and the author of 140 books, Michael Rosen, explains how to let poetry run free in your school.

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen reveals how you can help champion poetry in your school

Reading and writing poetry shouldn’t be confined to systems of work that slot neatly into boxes with learning outcomes attached. Poetry shouldn’t be a matter of following a fixed progression from this or that kind of poem in Year 1, to this or that kind of poem in Year 2, and so on, up through the education system. Neither should it be something that is paralysed by the kinds of questions that have only one answer. You know the kind of thing: How many adjectives? Can you see the metaphor?

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  1. paulwhitnall
    on 9 May 2010


    Thank you Michael for being such an inspiration and for encouraging us all not to feel straight-jacketed by the system that is stifling creativity in the classroom.