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Looking for support for pupils?
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Helping children with issues

Angry child
Do you know a child or pupil who… * Is not realising their full potential – academically, or socially? * Has difficulties in learning? * Is disruptive in class? * Has nightmares or has disturbed sleep? * Is at risk of being/is excluded from school? * Has suffered trauma? * Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse? * Is (or in the process of being) adopted or fostered? * Suffers because of separated/divorced parents? * Suffers from anxiety, stress or phobias? * Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind? * Finds it difficult to concentrate for more than short periods? * Is withdrawn or continually unhappy? * Is ill, has a disability or shows signs of being on the autistic spectrum? * Finds it difficult to make friends? * Quarrels frequently with peers or siblings? * Bullies others or is bullied themselves? * Displays inappropriate behaviour? * Doesn’t play?
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