Pirates role play

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By Claire Greensita Year 1 teacher in Sunderland.

Feeling a lack of inspiration for a writing lesson, Year 1 teacher, Claire Greensit, threw her planning away and became a pirate – transporting her class to a magical world of adventure

Pirate child

Have you ever had one of those lessons where the children just aren’t getting anywhere? This was one of those lessons. My lower ability Year 1 class were having an extended writing lesson, where they were re-writing a familiar story based on one book we had read. The children clearly found this completely uninspiring and it was reflected in their restless behaviour. At this point, I took the decision to do something radical – something I had never done before – abandon what I had planned and go with the flow.

The children had been reading Treasure Planet by Walt Disney Productions (Ladybird Books, ISBN 1-904-35115-8) and were enthused by the idea of pirates, maps, treasure and fantastical monsters. I decided to build on this theme and developed an ‘off the cuff’ lesson that captured the children’s imagination and was hugely enjoyable for the whole class, including me!

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  1. Jane Churm
    on 17 May 2010


    I think this could be useful to start a fantasy literacy topic. Thanks