Physical Activities in a Bubble

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By Karen Hart, early years educator

The following activities have all been tried and tested for their success as socially distanced games – and also for their fun value and I’m glad to say they were all successful. They can, of course, also be used once children are playing together again – let’s hope those days aren’t too far away.


Make your playground a road

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a playground space for your outside play, this is a great game that naturally helps keep children socially distanced. Using your play tricycles, scooters, etc, direct children to drive around the playground, all in the same direction, without bumping into each other. Children can take turns to drive the vehicles, with other children taking on the roles of pedestrians. Put your hand up at intervals, while blowing a whistle (traffic cop style), to let drivers know that they must stop to let people cross the road. Pedestrians can be pushing buggies, or maybe holding a toy dog on their way to the vet. It can take a while for children to get the hang of the game, but they will start to behave like real road users once they get used to it. ‘Playing roads’ has proved one of our most popular games!

Hopscotch game

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