Philosophy: When we throw something away…

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By Sue Cowleyeducation author and trainer

... where exactly is ‘away’? Promote philosophical thinking with litter-themed questions

Drinks can floating on water

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Philosophical discussion is a great way to encourage children to think about their role in society. By asking them to consider how their behaviour impacts on others in the community, children can develop vital life skills, such as empathy and cooperation. In this article, the topic of ‘litter’ is used to inspire philosophical thinking, both about how children might contribute to wider society, and also what ‘rubbish’ actually is.


  1. Where exactly is away?
  2. Can rubbish ever be beautiful?
  3. When does litter become litter?
  4. What is litter? What is rubbish?
  5. Why do some people litter?
  6. Is it cool to drop litter?
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