Outdoor fun in June

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By Rose Joyceaccredited trainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes.

June is a pleasant time of year for learning outdoors – make sure that the children are protected from the sun with sunhats and sunscreen

Whisper... then scream!

Whisper… then scream!

Alert staff members who might be working indoors that you will be making a lot of noise outdoors for about ten minutes. Then take the children to explore the range of sounds that your voices can make outdoors. Stand in a circle and hold hands. Make your circle as small as possible so that you are standing tall like soldiers. Encourage everyone to repeatedly make whispering noises in each other’s ears. Still holding hands, make your circle wider so that everyone’s arms are fully stretched and altogether scream loudly. Move back into a tight circle and repeat the whispering sound, then scream again.

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