Outdoor fun in February

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By Rose Joyceaccredited trainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes

Nursery rhymes are an invaluable source of learning for young children. Go outdoors and give rhymes a practical slant

outdoor landscape

Build a wall

Provide a selection of building materials such as milk crates, cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers and large wooden blocks. Ask a small group of children to help you build a wall in your outdoor area. Invite the children to select the materials that they need for this activity, bearing in mind that the structure needs to support the weight of two children. Encourage the children to carefully test the structure as they build it. Create two laminated tags for the children to wear around their necks, one saying ‘Peter’ and the other ‘Paul’. Say the rhyme ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’ together while two children wear the name tags. Once they are familiar with the rhyme, let them take turns to sit on the wall, substituting the original name tags with their own names.

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