Outdoor fun in December

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By Rose Joyceaccredited trainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes

Original article published 9 November 2009

Keeping warm is essential if the children are to enjoy outdoor winter activities, so always make sure that they are wrapped up


Frosty fun

When the ground is covered in frost or snow, take the children on an icicle hunt. Look up, down and all around your immediate outdoor area. Draw their attention to the rooftops, drainpipes and guttering. Watch the icicles as they begin to drip in the winter sunshine. Make up a rhyme, using the children’s observations, for example, ‘Icicles, icicles, sharp and pointy. Icicles, icicles, drippy and wet’. Chant your rhyme as you hold hands and dance around in a circle to keep warm.

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