Outdoor fun in April

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By Rose Joyceaccredited trainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes

With the arrival of spring, go outdoors and enjoy some exciting Easter activities

Coloured eggs

Coloured eggs

Ask for parental permission for the children to handle eggs. Invite parents to help with this Easter activity. Explain that you are going to cook and prepare some eggs. Talk to the children about the delicacy of the eggs. Demonstrate what will happen if you drop the egg or squeeze it too tight. Invite parents to help the children gently write the child’s name on the egg using a waterproof marker pen, and then draw a pattern or picture on the egg. Collect all the eggs in a saucepan and ask the children to cover them with cold water from a jug. In a safe area away from the children, and clearly understood as out of bounds, light a camping stove and hard boil the eggs for ten minutes. Add some flowers from the gorse bush to add colour. Use two five-minute timers to measure the cooking time. When the eggs are cold, demonstrate what happens now if the egg is dropped.

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