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By Katy Mumford- Creative Arts Leader at Springwell Junior School in Heston, Middlesex and Melissa Thom -Director of Radio in Schools

Could any of your children see themselves as a radio broadcaster, DJ or reporter? Can you imagine having your very own radio station in school? Well, here are two ways in which you could get your school on the air.


Katy Mumford explains her school’s connection with Radiowaves.

On Thursday 18 December 2008, SPJ Radio was launched. Months of hard work finally paid off, as 12 talented Year 6 children broadcast live to the school community for the very first time.

This broadcast was not the birth of Springwell Junior School’s affiliation with Radiowaves. We had first discovered the Radiowaves service during a ‘Voice It’ presentation at a Futurelab conference in 2007. As a forward-thinking, innovative school we are always looking for ways to enhance our children’s experiences and for vehicles though which we can drive our new theme-based curriculum. Recognising the creative potential behind Radiowaves, made it an opportunity not to be missed and, as a result, our radio station was born.

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