Old junk? I don’t think so!

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By Lizzy Linesinfant teacher

Lizzy Lines’ teaching assistant despairs of her love of props. But what’s a teacher to do when the caretaker offers up a ‘load of old junk’?

At the end of the school day, a couple of years ago, our caretaker mentioned to me that he’d noticed a ‘load of old junk’ in the garden of an old Victorian house next door to school. He thought this junk was the sort of thing that might be of use to me! This begins to tell you a little bit about my teaching style and my habit of hoarding things that ‘might be of some use one day’. (Pity, now, my long-suffering, tidy-freak teaching assistant.)

Swiftly acting on this piece of information, I dropped a tentative note through the front door of said house. I suggested in the note that I relieve the owners of any items they no longer required. And then promptly forgot all about it.

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