Old Scuttlebutt’s Treasure Island

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By Peter Riley

How good are your children at cracking codes? This is your chance to find out. Their challenge is to find the location of some hidden pirate treasure. To do so, they must crack a code and translate Old Scuttlebutt’s scrambled instructions, visit the five places being described and collect and unscramble letters to reveal where the treasure is buried.


Shared teaching and learning

Explain that an old pirate, Captain Scuttlebutt, buried treasure somewhere on the island shown on the map. He left instructions to remind himself how to find the treasure, but wrote them in code so no one else would find it. His map and instructions have fallen into your hands and the children have to try to find the treasure by:

  1. Working out how to use the code on the activity sheet below.
  2. Using it to translate Old Scuttlebutt’s instructions.
  3. Using the map to work out the places being described and writing these on the activity sheet.
  4. Writing the letter written in RED (on the map) in the place name being described in the clue.
  5. Unscrambling the letters to reveal the location of the treasure.
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  1. jasmine
    on 21 September 2013

    treasure island

    its adventures and exiting

  2. jasmine
    on 21 September 2013

    treasure island

    its adventures and exiting but i wonder if you can get it for free and download it onto the computer