Old MacDonald’s farm
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By Jean Evansearly years consultant and author

Create free-flow indoor and outdoor farm role-play opportunities

Boy with tractor

Role-play farmhouse

Transform your indoor home area into a cosy farmhouse kitchen for Old MacDonald.

Create an open fireplace on one wall using brightly-coloured paper, and put some comfortable chairs at either side. Introduce soft toy dogs and cats and hang pictures of farmyard scenes on the walls.

Develop the outdoor area to include fenced areas with gates and animal shelters so that the children can pretend to be animals, or care for soft toy animals.

Encourage free-flow play as much as possible so that the children can get dressed to go outside and work on the farm, then return indoors to eat, relax and sleep.

Be ready to introduce new resources that the children suggest, for example, they may decide to call for the vet.

Initially, interact with the children to encourage full use of both the indoor and outdoor scenarios, and join them at intervals to support the direction of their play.

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  1. Davinia
    on 13 March 2010


    From the very start children seem to relate to farm animals or have done in my setting.So easy to use this resource to reach all areas of learning.Thank you very much for this resource we are really looking forward to using it!

    5 out of 5