Number Hunting

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By Karen Hart

Encourage children to search for numbers in and around your setting.


Numbers are everywhere. We are so used to seeing them, most of the time we don’t even notice them. Where would we be without phone numbers, car registration numbers, numbers on doors…

Young children can have lots of fun hunting for numbers, which is a a great hands-on practical way to introduce and reinforce number recognition skills. Don’t forget to include some counting rhymes during song time – Ten fat sausages, Five currant buns in the baker’s shop, 12345 once I caught a fish alive, Five little ducks…

Looking at money


By the time they start nursery, most children will have a basic understanding of the concept of money, but the individual monetary value of coins and notes will prove a real challenge. Spend some time as a class looking at and talking about coins, explaining that they are all worth different amounts of money and that silver coins are worth more than copper ones and the gold £1 coin is worth most of all. You could also look at paper money and foreign coins, asking if children have any foreign money they could bring in from home

Money language

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