Muddy Animal Fun

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By Lorelli Mojica

Invite babies to make meaning of the real world by exploring muddy animals through creative small world, messy and water play activities.

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Activities in this article:

  1. Muddy Duck, Where Are You?
  2. Drip Drip, Trickle Trickle
  3. Animal Signs
  4. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
  5. Splish Splash
  6. Hide and Reach
  7. Clean Little Hands

Muddy Duck, Where Are You?

Introduce imaginary play scenarios with these small world animals who have been playing in the mud.

EYFS Area of learning > Expressive arts & design > Being Imaginative and Expressive

Related Learning:
  • To begin to develop early creativity skills.
  • To begin to develop an awareness of how language is used. For example, as the adult changes the ‘voices’ of different animals.

What you need:
Baby-safe small world farm animals (including a rubber duck), baby food, activity sheet.

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