Money Matters

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By Teresa Saunders

Money Matters is a virtual magazine about money, containing articles about earning it, winning it, stealing it and giving it away! It also includes money facts, history and common sayings.

Pages can be accessed in any order by clicking on the title screen menu, or by turning the pages to read in order. Children can explore each page for hot spots to click which will open up additional information and images.


Shared teaching and learning

Before reading

  • Find examples of pre-decimal coinage, and, if possible, old adverts with prices in pre-decimal money. Make posters of the imperial coin values and their decimal equivalents.
  • Find out if the children know any sayings about money, and discuss why money features in common sayings.
  • What would the children do if they had lots of money?
  • What jobs do the children think pay the most money?
  • Discuss what sorts of article you might find in a magazine about money. Do the children think they would find this kind of magazine interesting?
  • Read the title page together, establish how to navigate the site and choose an article to start with.
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