Maths in pictures: Scale and ratio

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By Laura Wardclass teacher at Cove Junior School

Show children that maths exists in the real world using images and a little imagination

Graphic of man with large spade stood next to small tree

This article aims to place scale and ratio problems in real-life contexts by using real-life images and creative ideas to inspire and challenge children. It is important to show children that maths exists all around them in their everyday lives. Children often see scale models, or scales on maps, without appreciating that this is the same concept that we talk about in maths lessons.

Begin the lesson by using one of the images on the Interactive resource, ‘Maths in pictures – scale and ratio’ to start a discussion on ratio problems, before moving on to one of the following activities. You can then return to one of the more difficult image problems on the PowerPoint® presentation to assess learning during the plenary.

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