Maths games: Shape and space
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By John Dabellteacher and maths coordinator, Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School, Nottingham

Boost children’s grasp of shape and space with some simple yet inventive activities


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Children need to be given plenty of opportunities to develop an understanding of geometric properties and relationships. They can then apply this knowledge to everyday situations and problems. The visualisation of shapes is an important aspect of conceptual development of shape and space, and children will need a great deal of practise in developing and reinforcing these processes. Here are some fun, tried-and-tested, shape and space activities for you to try with your class.

Visualisation and practical activities like those featured here are a great way of helping all learners, visual and non-visual, to improve their mental prowess and their ability to see and manipulate shapes. For maximum effect, the activities should be repeated at least twice a week, perhaps at the start or end of a lesson. Assess what works and what doesn’t, and build up a portfolio of ideas to help the children strengthen their skills and become confident with the shapes around them.


  1. Feely box
  2. Dice faces
  3. Colour me in
  4. Seeing squares
  5. Imagining shapes
  6. Guess the shape?
  7. Triangle cuts
  8. Floating shapes
  9. What am I?
  10. String holders
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