Maths Tools Teachers’ Notes: Measuring Jug

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By John Davis

These teachers’ notes can be used in conjunction with the Measuring Jug tool.

Screenshot from the Maths Tools interactive measuring jug

Key Stage 1: Task 1

Learning objective: Compare, describe and solve practical problems of capacity.

What to do:

  1. Read through the general instructions listed under Help.
  2. Select the Options icon. Set Scale to hide and Sub-divisions to none. Set Fill Steps to manual. Select OK.
  3. Remind children that clicking on the Inlet button will fill the jug. Click again to stop. Selecting the Outlet button will empty the jug. Again, click to stop the emptying process.
  4. Point out that the top line of the scale – NOT the top of the container – means full.
  5. Ask the child to fill the jug so that it is approximately full.
  6. Empty the jug and start again. Now fill the jug so that it is half-full. Point out that counting the divisions on the scale can help.
  7. Empty the jug and start again. This time the jug should be filled so that it is approximately a quarter full. Empty the jug.
  8. Repeat the process so that it is three-quarters full.
  9. Extend the activity so the child gets used to filling the jug with other approximate capacities. For example: more than half full, less than a quarter full, more than three-quarters full, etc.
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