Make your own puppets
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By Lynne Garnereducational and craft writer

Original article published on 6 April 2010

Learn how to make five different types of puppets!

Handcrafted puppets are a valuable resource for storytelling and make a great visual aid for rhymes and songs, as demonstrated by these activity ideas:

  1. Finger puppets
  2. Sock puppets
  3. Shadow puppets
  4. Glove puppets
  5. Jumping Jack puppets

1. Finger puppets

Photo © Lynne Garner

You can make two types of finger puppet: a simple version from card or one from felt that involves sewing.

What to do (card puppet)

  1. Draw the character onto card, colour in and decorate.
  2. Carefully cut the character out.
  3. Cut a strip of card to create a loop that fits snugly around the child’s index finger.
  4. Attach the loop to the back of the character.
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  1. SmileyPR
    on 27 February 2011

    Just what I needed!

    My Reception students have been showing great interest around puppets, so I was searching information on how to create a diversity of puppets. Thank you very much!!!

    5out of 5
  2. susan bell
    on 9 April 2010

    finger puppets

    just what i needed for my mini beasts