Mad hatters: North American Indian Headdress

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By Nina Filipekeducation writer and supply teacher

In the final article of our series, get those feathers at the ready as you make a North American Indian headdress

Child Education January -  Mad hatters

To make the North American Indian headdress

You will need: a strip of thin coloured card or cardboard; scissors; sticky tape; coloured feathers; thick cotton thread; bead for decoration.

  • Cut out a headband from the card to fit around the child’s head. Secure the ends with sticky tape.
  • Let the children choose feathers to decorate the front of their headdress. Attach the feathers inside the headband with sticky tape.
  • Cut a length of cotton thread about 20cm long and thread with a decorative bead and feather.
  • Loop the thread and fix to the side of the headband, underneath a circle of card.
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