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The following activities are designed as fun ways to get children thinking about birds, and how we can help wild birds get enough to eat, especially in colder weather. Keep an eye out for birds using the birdfeeders so you can point this out to children, and try putting out some different types of bird seeds to see which prove most popular.

Pinecone birdfeeders

You will need:
  • Lard – 250g makes about 12 bird feeders
  • Big bag of bird seed
  • String
  • One pine cone per feeder – look for big ones if you can
  • Sandwich bags for taking birdfeeders home as they are a bit sticky
  • Tie a piece of string around the middle of your pinecone.
  • Soften the lard a bit using a spoon, then push into the pinecone, giving help to younger children who might find it a bit tricky. It’s a good idea to have a bowl of soapy water and a towel handy as this does get a bit sticky.
  • Roll your pinecone in a bowl of birdseed, giving it a bit of a squeeze to get it nicely covered.
  • Take some outside and hang in a tree for the birds, letting children each take one home.
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  1. dianaalice
    on 25 February 2012

    looking after the birds

    Mostly tried and tested activities but with a different slant on most of them. Time to get the pinny on!

    Thank you.