Little bottles for big ideas

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By Natalie WalkerCreative Learning Manager at Step by Step, in conjunction with Chatterbox Nursery, Stalybridge, Cheshire

Educational resource supplier Step by Step teamed up with Chatterbox Nursery in Stalybridge, Cheshire to investigate how to make science fun for young children with discovery bottles

Photo © Step by Step

Scientific discovery begins in the early years. A child’s natural curiosity and wonder should be fed from an early age so that they have the opportunity to explore and learn about the world around them.

We encourage children to involve themselves in science by articulating the questions they want to ask, for instance, ‘Why did that float to the top?’ and ‘What would happen if you mixed x with y?’ By involving them and discussing their observations, you can model the language they may want to use to describe what they have seen. This is the start of scientific exploration.

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