Let your literacy lessons go football crazy

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By Andrea Carr, Rising Stars UK

Football unites and excites the world over. What other passion could have drawn tens of thousands of people to a cold and wet Moscow in May this year for a mere 90 minutes of entertainment? Andrea Carr of Rising Stars reveals how the kind of passion which drew all those fans to the UEFA Champions League final can be transferred to the literacy lesson, with fantastic results


Shelby Town FC author, Tom Watt

Not every child loves football; some prefer martial arts, rugby or cricket. Some steer clear of sport altogether, preferring computer games or graphic novels. But there are an undeniably large number of children, both boys and girls, as well as adults whose lives seemingly revolve around the love of ‘the game’ (it is interesting to note that ‘the game’ always refers to football).

For these children, anything football related will be devoured – from magazines, football or sports websites with post-match analysis, to the sports pages of their parents’ newspaper. Paradoxically these could very well be the same children who dislike reading in the classroom and who will do almost anything to avoid it.

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