Increasing Physical Activity In Schools While Adhering To New Coronavirus Safety Measures

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By Jill Carroll-Hughes

In this article, Jill Carroll-Hughes, an experienced teacher, shares ideas for increasing physical activity while still practising some of the skills required from the PE curriculum.

Children doing PE

We may still be getting used to the new ‘normal’ in schools after the recent closures, but the government are nonetheless expecting children to be provided with a ‘broad and ambitious’ curriculum. Needless to say, there are challenges ahead, especially in a subject like PE, where children are traditionally taught in close physical contact while working with one another. Children often change in poorly ventilated areas, play close contact team games, share equipment, support each other in balances and take strenuous exercise in close proximity to each other. As all of this changes, what can we do to ensure children participate in the required amount of physical exercise? Here are some ideas for increasing physical activity that you could try out or adapt in your school, while still practising some of the skills required from the PE curriculum.


  1. Allow children to attend school in their kit on PE days. This will eliminate the need for changing and bringing unnecessary items from home.
  2. Build an afternoon break into your timetable (if you don’t already). Another 10/15 minutes of physical exertion can only be a good thing and a welcome brain break for children who have been out of the classroom for many months.
  3. It may be a prime time to start ‘Mile-a-day’. Encourage the children to take part, walking if they can’t sustain a jog. Agree on a route with the staff and try to time it so that only one bubble at a time is out on the course.
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