Improving brain development: 5 proven skills
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By Kate Sheppard

This feature focuses on five simple but scientifically proven skills that help improve brain development, giving our little ones the best possible start in life.

A baby boy playing in a cardboard box

Healthy brain development

Children’s brains are constantly developing and this development is particularly rapid from birth to the age of three. Healthy brain development positively impacts all areas of a child’s cognitive development, affecting how they grow, think, problem-solve and learn.

All parents want their children to grow up healthy. However, when it comes to the topic of brain development, many parents aren’t sure how to positively support this aspect of their child’s growth. In this article, we are going to share five simple but scientifically proven skills that help improve brain development, giving our babies the best possible start in life.

1. Reading: communication and language skills

EYFS Area of learning > Communication & language > Listening, Attention and Understanding

Reading to a baby really is one of the best ways to boost their brain development, whilst encouraging a love for reading from an early age that will hopefully stay with them throughout their life.

Even before a baby can recognise letters or understand words, if they see the same pictures and words repeated, they will begin to recognise a connection between the words you are reading and what’s on the page. As such, reading to a baby every day can help kick-start those fundamental language and communication skills.

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