Hoppy and Poppy go on safari

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By Teresa Saunderseducational journalist and children’s writer

Hoppy and Poppy are here to help you explore animals from around the world

Back by popular demand, Hoppy and Poppy – the loveable kangaroos – return to introduce children to some of the fascinating animals that live with them in Australia. Read the story aloud, asking the children to help identify all of the animals that are mentioned in the story. Encourage the children to find out about any other animals native to Australia.

Hoppy and Poppy go walkabout

It was a very hot morning in Redgum Forest. Hoppy and Poppy the …... were snoozing in the sun. Suddenly they heard someone cry out, ‘Help! Help!’ It was Poppy’s friend Matilda. Hoppy and Poppy hopped across the clearing to find out what was wrong.

‘I’ve lost little Joey,’ she sobbed. ‘He was here a moment ago. He must have wandered off.’

Poppy told her not to worry. ‘We haven’t seen him but we’ll certainly help you look for him.’ So they all set off to look for Joey.

As they walked through the forest they met Cuddles the …... . She was sitting in her favourite tree, lazily chewing some juicy eucalyptus leaves. ‘Where are you all going in such a hurry?’ asked Cuddles.

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