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By Judith Harries

Original article published on 16 October 2013

This article is full to the brim with ideas inspired by hats including drama games, making lots of different hats, collage, painting, action rhymes and songs, role play, cooking and organising a Happy Hat Day and a Hat Parade.


Whose hat is it anyway?

This drama game lets children experience wearing different hats. Sit in a circle with a collection of hats in the middle such as woolly hat, riding helmet, straw hat, top hat, lacy wedding hat, hard hat, clown hat, cowboy hat, witches hat, beret, police helmet, bonnet, baseball cap, and so on. Pass a bean bag or soft toy around the circle as you sing this song to the tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’.
Whose hat will I wear today,
Wear today, wear today,
Whose hat will I wear today,
Whose hat is it anyway?
At the end of the song the child holding the toy can choose a hat to wear. Can they tell you who might wear the hat and why? Encourage them to act out the character wearing this hat.

Homemade hats

There are lots of different ways of making hats. Firstly try a simple cone-shaped hat. Cut out semi circles from different coloured card and show children how to roll, bend and slide them into a cone shape. Fasten with sticky tape. Let them choose whether to add stripes and a pompom to create a clown hat or add streamers to the top and a collage initial to the front for personalised party hats. Use black card and paint on white cobwebs and stick on black spiders using pompoms and pipe cleaners for a spooky witches hat. Or you could make a santa hat by using red card and adding a cotton wool band and bobble!

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