Happy New Year

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Welcome in the new year with these celebratory activities.

New Year fireworks

3D celebration card

Communication and language

Invite the children to throw streamers across the room to represent the streamers and party poppers that people let off to welcome in the New Year. Encourage the children to look at the mixture of colourful shapes and patterns created by the long strips of paper or foil as they flutter down to the floor, drape over the furniture or dangle from fixtures and fittings.

Give each child a sheet of folded card and a wide variety of colourful craft and collage materials, trimmed to represent streamers, for example, strips of tissue-paper, lace, crêpe paper, ribbons, braid and Cellophane. Invite the children to make an abstract celebration card based on the colourful, random effect created by the celebration streamers. Suggest that the children attach the ‘streamers’ to the folded card to create random patterns, for example, some streamers could loop across the page, others could dangle freely and some could swirl in haphazard shapes and patterns. Invite the children to write a new year message inside their card to give to someone special.

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