Golden Rules 2: We are honest

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By Jenny Mosleyfounder of the Whole-School Quality Circle Time Consultancy

These activities are based on The Handbook of Golden Rules and The Golden Rules Story Set

In the second article of our six-part series, Jenny Mosley shows you how to teach the value of honesty

Golden Rules - We are honest

True or false?

You will need: a picture book, such as We are honest: We don’t cover up the truth (Positive Press ISBN 9780954541101).

What to do

This game helps children understand the difference between true and false. Show the children a picture from a book. We are using a picture of Mona the monkey from the book We are honest. Make some statements about the picture and ask the children to tell you if each statement is true or false. For example: Mona has brown fur (true); Mona is wearing pink pyjamas (false); Mona has a tail (true); Mona has big horns on her head (false). Choose one of the children in your group to stand up while you make similar true/false statements.

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