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By Mim Barnes — Literacy Coordinator, Breydon Middle School

Literacy Coordinator Mim Barnes describes an animation project with a Robin Hood theme which transformed her class into a united band of merry men


Here at Breydon Middle School in Norfolk we’ve been a Creative Partnerships school for about four years now, collaborating with artists on a range of projects. Our aim, each time the new round of funding comes along, is to include as many children as possible. Our most recent project was no exception.

We wanted to learn more about animation. So, the Creative Partnership coordinators introduced us to Britta and Martin, animation artists who agreed to work with half the school – two classes in Year 4 and two in Year 7. To begin, they ran a staff meeting, and we played happily for an hour making clay models of frogs with curly tongues to zap flies, and making cardboard skeletons dance.

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