Fundraising by children
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By Anthony DavidHead of Highgate Children’s Centre

Encourage motivated children to lead some terrific fundraising ideas

Jar of money

Within each primary class there will be motivated children who are more than capable of leading fundraising activities. This can range from a couple of children running a stall at a school fête to small groups organising emergency aid events. All of these ideas support the Every Child Matters outcomes (particularly ‘Achieve Economic Wellbeing’) and from a school’s point of view can contribute towards evidencing ECM objectives.

Equally, it is these days that, with a little effort, can raise a reasonable amount of money and stay with your children as a significant event in their lives.

Setting fundraising team ground rules

As with any aspect of learning, children will need guidance. The level of this will depend on the activity that you have in mind and will require you to unpick the various stages required to complete the activity. If it is running a stall at a fair, then how will the children advertise their stall? What is a fair price range? What responsiblities will children have and how can you ensure that they will know what to do? Who will be responsible for finances?

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  1. Nandini
    on 29 July 2018

    Fundraising by Children

    This is a really good article for adults and children. Children, who go to school, ask your headteacher and teacher for this kind of time at your school like Rainbow Day, where all children were different colours of t-shirts like +Reception Red, Y1 Orange, Y2 Yellow, Y3 Green Y4 Blue Y5 Pink Y6 Purple. A dance day where all the children show off their talents. A Bake Sale Day children have to bring so cakes and sell them for 20p or 25p. Please send more ideas...............

    5out of 5
    on 1 June 2011

    Fundraising unwrapped

    Fundraising at its best motivates the children to put their learning into practise. It can also inspire parents to give as they see their children so poitively focused. This article has great ideas on structuring and organising the event. What would really help is a bank of super, creative, ideas for fundraising. Possibly Child Ed could help making it an accessible resource that teachers could contribute to, and draw from. Right now my class is stuck for ideas. The school has already done most of the activities listed, so it looks like we will have to do the 'bake sale' again. More ideas please....