Family breakdown

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By Dr Hannah Mortimereducational psychologist.

Did you know that about one child in eight is likely to experience family divorce before the age of ten? Here’s some practical advice, as you are likely to be met with this type of situation sometime in your teaching career

Family breakdown

What you need to know

  • At least one in four families in the UK have one parent absent, and in 90% of these families, it is the father. Approximately a third of families are affected by breakdown or new family partners.
  • For some children, a family breakdown may be a fact of life. For others, feelings will still be raw and sensitive, and you will need to plan how best to support that child through the next few months.
  • Children adjust best to the change if they continue to feel loved and valued by both parents, even though they live apart. Children whose parents discuss with them what is going on tend to cope better. They need information to be delivered in a way that they can understand.
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