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Jane Bower, creator of the Fairytale Kingdom model, reveals the ups and downs of taking on such a huge project…

Jane Bower

Jane Bower, author and designer of the Fairytale Kingdom model

It was with a mixed reaction of caution and interest that I received an email from Mike Ward, the editor of Child Education PLUS, requesting that I should design a Fairytale Kingdom for teachers to make with their classes. Perhaps the fact that his missive was many paragraphs in length, punctuated with numerous assurances that I would be just the person for the job, and a suspicious number of repetitions that there was nothing to worry about should have made my wariness a little stronger, but, lured by the idea of making little buildings with exciting moving parts, I embraced the idea with the naive enthusiasm I all too frequently display, and set to work with a will. And I did it, it’s finished and I enjoyed it. However, I feel that readers should be aware that this project has been the cause of several major changes to my life…

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