Fairytale Kingdom: Show and tell

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As your Fairytale Kingdom comes together, why not take some photographs, pop them into a PowerPoint and upload them to our website for other children and teachers to view?

In your presentation you can show photos of your class (note – remember to obtain parental permissions where necessary), caption them as you wish, and even show some examples of other work you have done with your class, linking to the month’s fairytale.

To upload a PowerPoint, simply click on this link. (If you are not currently a registered user of this website, you will need to fill in the short form beforehand.) The page it takes you to will ask you to browse for your file, name it and provide a short description (class, school details and so on). If you wish, you can also select an age range and a subject area from the list. Then simply hit the ‘upload file’ button. Easy!

NOTE: all presentations will be viewed by an editorial team before becoming publicly accessable online.

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