Fairytale Kingdom: Shopping list

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It always pays to plan ahead – so here is a list of all the useful odds ‘n’ ends you will need to see you through the Fairytale Kingdom project…

Don’t panic!

Don’t let the long list put you off! Remember, this is the entire list of materials for all six-stages of the project. If something proves difficult to get hold of, then don’t be afraid to substitute it for something else.

Also, take into account that your class may want to approach their model in a very different way to our example – so be flexible in the materials that you choose to collect.

Don’t do it alone!

Remember, you can enlist the help of your class, their parents and other school staff members in the collecting of your materials. Once you have a ‘Fairytale Kingdom’ squad on the case, building up your store of materials will be child’s play!

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