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By Christina Bakerwriter, teacher and educational journalist

Original article published 26 March 2010

Engage your class in some cross-curricular learning, all themed around the fascinating topic of rainforests

Three-Toed Sloth © www.worldswildlifewonders.com/istockphoto.com

Rainforests cover only around six per cent of the planet’s surface, yet what an impact they have on our lives! They are not only beautiful but crucial to our existence. They regulate the climate. They provide food, medicine and materials that we use each day (like rubber and wood). They are also home to more than half of the world’s animal and plant species (many as yet undiscovered). Studying rainforests can inspire a wealth of cross-curricular learning and also link to relevant themes like the protection of the environment.


Key Stage 1

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  1. Donjojag71
    on 27 January 2021


    Love the variety in this resource. Lots of activities for learners working at home.
    Happy to share with parents to encourage thinking about our world.

    5 out of 5
  2. Jade
    on 5 June 2017


    I love animals and I think you are a good story writer