Everyone Loves Slime Time!

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By Sara Fox

Are you ready for slime time?!

Everyone loves slime!

Young children love to put their fingers in the slime tray. Messy play is an essential part of an Early Years environment and can embrace all areas of learning. It’s important that a messy tray changes regularly so that it continues to interest and engage the children. So, if your messy tray is in need of something new and exciting, it’s time for slime!

There are lots of slimes that can be bought for children to play with, however, these can be expensive and what is more, making slime is a worthwhile experience in itself.

There are many recipes for slime on the internet. It is important to choose ingredients that are chemical and Borax free. There are even recipes for edible slime! Children can be given the opportunity to play with a selection of safe ingredients to create their own slime mixture, enabling them to discover for themselves which ingredients are good for binding the mixture together and giving it elasticity. These ingredients may include classroom basics such as PVA glue, water and ready-mix paint.

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