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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Original article published 8 December 2008

Create some fantastic resources from a range of recyclable materials

child doing crafts

1 It’s a puppet

Make a selection of animal puppets

EYFS Area of learning > Expressive arts & design > Creating with Materials

What you need

Group size: small group.

Home-made puppets; clean socks; felt scraps; buttons; cardboard tubes; felt-tipped pens; card; doweling rods; collage materials; glue; sticky tape; scissors; your ‘Animal heads’ activity sheet.

What to do

Invite the children to make some animal puppets from recyclable materials for a puppet show. If possible, make your own puppets beforehand to show the children the different examples and let them choose one to make. Provide all the materials that they will need in bowls and trays in the middle of a large craft table.

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