Eco-island: Sludge River activity 1
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To investigate how water flows from mountains to the sea and represent this journey by creating a textured 3D map.

Key Stage 1

Curriculum links: Geography 2a, e. Art & design 2a, 4a, 5a, 5c.

What to do: Talk to the children about the flow of a river from a mountain all the way down to the sea. Tell them that you are going to make a large 3D map showing water trickling in small streams from melting snow on the top of a mountain. The streams will merge into a lake at the bottom of the mountain and then feed off the lake in the form of a river. Include a waterfall where the river falls over a cliff. Then the river can widen until it reaches a dam where it can flow out as a smaller, narrower river that meanders its way to the sea.

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  1. Someone
    on 13 July 2012


    Look, can you people do a activity that does not involve reading and more photos. I hate reading!