Eco-island: Scrapheap Barrens activity 3

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Start a composting scheme at school in the form of a ‘Worm Restaurant’.

Keystage 1

Curriculum links: En 1a, 12. Sc3 2a. Geog 5a-b.

What to do: Explain to the children that a lot of kitchen and garden waste is stuff that was once alive or ‘organic matter’. If it was once alive, then it can be left in a heap outside and will slowly rot. Then worms, beetles and maggots will visit it, eat it and leave behind tiny pieces which we call compost. Compost is very useful as it makes a good fertiliser for the garden. Composting is nature’s way of recycling so tell the children that you are going to start a Worm Restaurant in a suitable corner of the school grounds. A sunny, sheltered spot is the most ideal place.

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