Early Years Activities For Black History Month

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By Karen Hart

Black History Month offers so many opportunities to organise some cool craft activities for your preschoolers, with lots of interwoven traditional stories, meanings and messages.

African Drum

With the preschool age group, Black History Month will be about a celebration of cultures that may be unfamiliar to many children. It will also encourage a sense of joy in learning about other countries, customs and people across the world.

As well as using the following activities to cover lots of the Expressive Art and Design criteria, the activities are also good for covering the Understanding the World criteria.

Activities in this article:

1. Dream Clouds
2. Make A Sandwich-Bag Ball
3. Kwanzaa Bead Bracelets
4. Kente Cloth Patterns
5. Make Anansi The Spider
6. Have A Go At Scat Singing
7. African Drums

Dream Clouds

Dream clouds 2

After talking about Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech – in very simple terms – we made these lovely dream clouds. Children came up with their own ideas of dreams for a happier world, which we wrote on their clouds for them, apart from some older children who traced over our pencil writing. We used the clouds as decorations by running a string across our room and stapling the clouds to the string. We made some extra clouds for children to write on, using their mark-making skills. These were really lovely, they didn’t have ‘real’ writing on them but the children knew what they wanted to say.

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