Creative Christmas cards

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By Vanessa Sutton — Artist and Year 2 teacher

Ditch the boring old cards that all look the same and make something creative and individualistic

Making Christmas cards is as traditional as turkey and carol singers. There’s nothing a parent likes more than a personal and original card made by their child, that can be treasured for always. In the past, cards have often ended up looking identical to each other, with no chance of creativity or individuality. Thankfully those days are gone, and a child’s personality and individualism is positively embraced. They are encouraged to pursue their own style and interpretation on a technique, developing skills in decision making and forward planning, not to mention artistic appreciation of colour, tone and effect.

Christmas card

You will need: scrap paper or card (to practise on); folded white card; black card; acrylics or poster paints (preferably in red, yellow and blue); glitter and sequins; scissors; glue; packing or recycled card (of different thicknesses) cut into squares and rectangles.

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