Creating a calm classroom

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By Eileen Joneseducation journalist and literacy specialist

Transform your classroom into a calm, productive environment with these activities and top tips

Settling into a new class can be a difficult transition for both children and adults. The following activities will help you and the children to identify the positive attributes and skills that can build a happy classroom.

1. Happiness checks

Let your children practise becoming ‘Happiness Checkers’. Model the game, holding up a big green tick or a small red cross in response to happy/unhappy expressions or gestures by your teaching assistant (such as a grin, pursed lips, slumped shoulders). Give everyone a green tick and a red cross. Ask the children to hold up the appropriate sign in response to your facial expression, gesture, or body movement. By keeping your verbal contributions to a minimum, encourage the children to keep their eyes on you. Then let children play your role. Talk about how we can help someone who is feeling unhappy.

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