Creating a calm classroom

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The quality of your teaching environment can have a huge impact on the way children behave and learn

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The environment in which we live or work can have a surprisingly powerful impact on the way that we feel and behave within that place. Where a space is cluttered or cramped or simply dull, we might be struck by feelings of tension, irritation or even depression. On the other hand, where a place is bright, open, airy and interesting, we are bound to feel more positive as a result. To an extent, you will be stuck with the actual classroom space that you have been given by your school. However, there will always be plenty of ways in which you can improve your teaching environment, and consequently your children’ experiences within it, for the better. Consider the following action points:

Check the flow around the space:
A lot of tension can be created simply by children physically bumping into each other, or being unable to move freely around the room. Do a physical check for yourself when your classroom is empty – sit in each seat and walk all the way around the desks, to see where the potential trouble spots are.

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