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Children love imaginative play, especially when a scenario is prepared with a special play corner and props to use. Try these activities based around a vet’s surgery.

The following activities are both low on resources and really simple to set up. Include as many ‘real’ items as you can, as the textures and smells of animal foods and hamster bedding, for example, makes the whole experience a real multi-sensual exploration of interesting objects and materials.

Vet role play

Preparation activities

Get children involved in the vets surgery theme by planning an animal care week, turning the creation of your vet’s corner into an exciting event that everyone is involved in

Plan a visit to a vets surgery, boarding kennels, animal home or pet shop – see what is available locally and just ask if they would be willing to let your children come and have a little look around. This make a great introduction to the topic as well as a good opportunity for children to help chose some real supplies for the play corner: hamster bedding, sawdust, dry seed-type foods, dog chews and perhaps a couple of inexpensive animal toys. You could also ask local vets if they would be willing to let you have any spare information leaflets or posters for use with this activity.

Create your role-play corner

This depends on what you have available. If you have a home corner set up, you can simply adapt it, but if not, simply use your most suitable corner. Section the space off with chairs, for example, making the role-play area as large as you can. Do try to find space for a couple of chairs to represent the waiting room, including a little table or box for some waiting room books or comics.

Other ideas for objects to include could be:
  • A nurse’s or doctor’s bag containing any medical equipment – stethoscope, thermometer, and so on
  • Old white shirts for uniforms
  • Bandages, cotton wool and plasters
  • Toy animal patients – children each bringing one from home
  • Animal carriers or beds made from cardboard boxes
  • Magnifying glass and tweezers
  • Notepads and pencils
  • Baby bottles for baby animals
  • Surgery opening times sign
  • An old phone
  • Toy cash register
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  1. Davinia
    on 11 October 2014

    vets role play review

    This was very useful and gave me some great new ideas. Particularly like the mouse houses as so easy to make. Will come back and say how it goes.

    5out of 5