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By Karen Hartwriter

Article originally published on 8th December 2010

Have a go at making some unusual books of your own – then think about lots of different ways to fill the pages!

Create book accordion

One of the easiest types of book to make and lovely display objects – you can stand them up and view all the pages at once.

You will need (per book):
  • Two sheets of A4 paper
  • Sticky tape
  • A length of ribbon (optional)
  • Fold paper in half lengthways and cut in two, taping edges together to form a long strip, then fold concertina style to give eight equal sized pages, but due to overlapping when taping pages together, you will probably find the last page comes up short – just cut it off.
  • If you wish to keep your book closed, tie a length of ribbon around your book and finish with a bow.


To make writing easier print out some well-spaced, lined writing grids which children can stick to alternative pages, leaving the pages in-between for illustration, or have a simple story ready printed in four separate sections, which children can glue onto alternate pages, adding their own art work in-between. Another idea is to create a story told only in pictures. This works well with this style of book, as the pages run along in a continuous line.

Lolly stick and elastic books

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