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By Ian CrawfordYear 2 teacher and subject leader for ICT

Click your way through the curriculum with these exciting activities that will help you to embed ICT into your lessons

We are continually encouraged to make good use of ICT within all areas of the curriculum, but finding effective ways to integrate ICT in lessons is not always as easy as we would like it to be.

Once found, an effective lesson that works for you is worth its weight in gold. If you can find ways to use this activity or technique again but in different contexts, you will be reducing your preparation effort and presenting a familiar learning tool for you and the children. Providing repeated opportunities to use the same ICT skills and tools within different contexts is an ideal way to build up confidence in the use of the technology available.

The following ideas are practical activities that I have used to enhance the learning in my classroom. There are some specific examples, but each resource can be reused within other topics in that area and, with a few clicks, across the whole curriculum.

Making an interactive graphics activity sheet

You will need to use software that enables text and graphics to be moved freely about the screen and repositioned as required.

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